Why HSM?

There are so many benefits to studying music, especially at The Hunter School of Music. Here we offer more than just an individual lesson!

  • Performance Opportunities.  There are formal recitals twice a year, in the spring and fall/winter, with more opportunities when possible. We have FREE monthly gatherings for adults and children where we play informally for each other and encourage positive constructive feedback for each performer.
  • Certification.  Students at The Hunter School of Music will be evaluated for our own in house certification process. This takes place in December during the students regular lesson time and is complimentary.  The students private instructor will listen to a selection of prepared preferably memorized pieces and test the students on sight-reading, theory, and technique. The student will be placed into the appropriate level and receive an award for their placement. All students are also encouraged to participate in the Certificate of Merit program offered by Music Teachers’ Association of California each year. Students each spring are evaluated by a jury on their performance and written musical performance and placed in a level.
  • Student Spotlight. When there is a student that has shown significant improvement, involvement, or contributed something above and beyond to music we will highlight their achievements. The Student Spotlight will receive recognition by having a special framed poster of them hung at the school, including a photo and description of their special achievement. Any student is eligible for this honor.
  • Social Aspect.  We encourage our students to get to know each other.  Every recital is followed by a delicious and fun reception. We also have monthly informal piano classes for adults and for youth students. At these classes students perform in an informal supportive setting and take part in discussions about music, composers, practicing, performing, and any other question they may have!
  • Duets. We encourage siblings and friends taking lessons to learn and perform 4 hand piano duets which are incredibly fun.
  • Field Trips/Concert Attending.  We arrange group trips to see local music performances such as Symphony Silicon Valley, an instrumental “petting zoo” where kids get to visit bands and orchestras and discover the instruments up close, and music exhibits such as the Beethoven exhibit at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. Check the “Upcoming Events” page to see past field trips and what’s coming up. We are always looking out for new opportunities to spread our love for music throughout the community and find like-minded places to collaborate with.
  • Host Concerts. The Hunter School of Music is a member of Groupmuse and hosts concerts at the school that are open to enrolled students and families as well as the community. We bring in exceptional musicians from all over the Bay Area, giving students an opportunity to see excellent performances right at their very own music school.
  • High Quality and Caring Instructors. The instructors at The Hunter School of Music are diverse musicians. We all have many years of teaching experience with students of all ages and abilities, we still actively perform, we further our own education by attending recitals and conferences, and are members of various music organizations, and most of all we LOVE sharing music with other people. We care about our students and want to give them the best music experience that we possibly can.

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