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April 2021: Re-Opening of In-Person Lessons Week:

After many months of everyone being remote at the Hunter School of Music, we finally had our first in-person lessons this week! With health improvements and following guidance and requirements from the County health department and with everyone being careful, almost everyone who wanted to be part of the first wave back were able to attend for in-person lessons. It was lovely to begin to see each other again (and some for the first time). Month-by-month, we see signs that we will be able to have everyone who wants to physically come in to do so. All of you who want to stay remote, whether because of travel preferences and scheduling logistics, or just not in the area, will be able to do so at your option. We are happy to accommodate both methods of instruction! Let us all keep the energy moving, as we prepare for the next event: The Spring Virtual Recital!


Spring 2019 Student Spotlight:

Miguel Gallegos and Willow Vanderpool are our spring 2019 student spotlights! Congratulations to them both for their hard work and love of music.

Miguel and Willow Student Spotlight Spring 2019Winter Recitals, 12/9/18 and 12/16/18:

Another wonderful set of performances by our dedicated students at HSM! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your music with all of us.

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November 2018

HSM Piano Faculty Concert

Sunday, November 25th, 2:00pm, Mountain View Center for The Performing Arts.  The Hunter School of Music piano faculty, Amy Hunter, Philip Jung and Brian Ciach will be performing an incredible program featuring the music of Mussorgsky, Chopin, and the premier of Brian Ciach’s most recent composition. For more information or to purchase tickets visit:

Mountain View Center for The Performing Arts

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Spring 2018 Student Spotlight:

Rachna Saha was chosen as our Spring 2018 Student Spotlight. Students who show consistent improvement, dedication, and passion for music are chosen to be highlighted by our school. Congratulations Rachna!

Student Spotlight, Rachna Saha

Spring Recitals, 5/6/18 and 5/20/18:

Congratulations to everyone to participated in our spring recitals! It was absolutely wonderful to hear so much music including duets, singing, and the guitar. It’s always a pleasure to see new students perform for the first time and older students advance and impress us with how much they have grown.

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Winter 2017 Student Spotlight:

Congratulations to Adam Prett-Dermer for being selected as our Winter 2017 Student Spotlight. Read about Adam and check out his composition below!

Student Spotlight_Adam

Winter Recitals, 12/3/17 and 12/10/17:

Another wonderful set of recitals by our fantastic students! This winter we had more performers participate than ever before, almost 60. Congratulations to everyone. Videos are on our YouTube channel and you can also check out the slideshow below.

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Spring Recitals, 4/30/17 and 5/21/17:

At The Hunter School of Music we get pretty excited when it comes time for the recitals. Our students constantly amaze us with their excellent performances and how focused, calm, and talented they are. Check out the photos from our spring recitals. Videos will be up soon on YouTube.

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Spring 2017 Student Spotlight:

Congratulations to Finn Harkness for being selected as our Spring 2017 Student Spotlight!

Finn Student Spotlight Spring 2017

Concerts at The Hunter School of Music, 3/31/17:

Friday night we hosted our first Groupmuse featuring classical guitarist Yuri Liberzon. Yuri performed pieces by Sor, Scarlatti, music from Uruguay and Argentina and more in front of a sold out audience. It was a spectacular evening and we look forward to having Yuri at our school again!

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International Composition Winner, Brian Ciach, March 2017:

Huge congratulations to Brian Ciach, piano, theory, and composition instructor at HSM, for winning an international call-for-scores competition for his piano trio, Parting Song. Check out this link to his piece:
Parting Song

Cello and Piano Concert, 1/14/17:

The Hunter School of Music hosted cellist Evan Kahn and pianist Eric Tran on Saturday evening. Evan and Eric performed an incredible program of Mendelssohn, Beethoven/Liszt, and Ysaye. The students and families who attending had a wonderful time as the school was filled with beautiful sounds!

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Second Winter Recitals, 12/11/16:

Another congratulations to all our excellent performers this afternoon. Both recitals today were a success and such a pleasure to watch. Thank you for ending our year with great music! You can watch the video of the 1:00pm performance here and the 2:00pm here.

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First Winter Recital, 12/4/16:

Congratulations to all the students, children and adults, who performed on Sunday. It was a magical recital as you all played so beautifully and your strength and confidence was admirable. Thank you for sharing your music with all of us! The Hunter School of Music is proud of all you have accomplished this year!  You can watch the student recital by clicking on our YouTube Channel.

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San Jose Metropolitan Band “Music To Die For” Halloween Concert, 10/22/2016:

We had a fantastic time at the San Jose Metropolitan Band Halloween Concert. They played awesome selections to get us all in the creepy spooky Halloween spirit and many of the students came to the concert in costume! Check out photos from our adventure together.

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Fall 2016 Student Spotlight:

Congratulations to Piper Hall and Kaitlyn Kumar for being chosen as our new student spotlights. You can read why they were chosen and hear their responses to questions about what music means to them below. Bravo!

Student Spotlight Final

Beethoven Center Visit, 9/10/16:

This is the second time that The Hunter School of Music has visited the Beethoven Center. Many new students to the school got to experience playing on a clavichord, harpsichord, and fortepiano for the first time. Thank you to Eric for sharing his wealth of knowledge about Beethoven and the artifacts at the Center. We will be sure to be back again! Check out the photos from our excursion.

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Free Monthly Youth Classes Have Resumed! 9/10/16:


Spring Adult Recital and Soirée: 6/5/16:

This spring we held a special recital for our adult students. It was a fun and musical evening including fantastic performances by all that attended, delicious food and beverages, and time to sit and chat and get to know each other better.

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Spring Recitals! 5/15/16 and 6/5/16:

Congratulations to the The Hunter School of Music students for another wonderful set of recitals. Check out the YouTube video of the 5.15.16 recital here, and the 6.5.16 recital here.

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MTAC Certificate of Merit, 4/3/16:

We are very happy and proud to announce that four of our piano students participated for the first time in the Certificate of Merit evaluations that are put on by Music Teachers’ Association of California on Sunday, April 3rd. All four students received “Excellent” results on their playing and passed the theory exams with flying colors. We are incredibly proud of their very hard work preparing for this day and all the focus and dedication they presented on the day of the exams. Congratulations Katelyn, Lillyana, Michelle, and Rachna!

Check out our first Student Spotlight, March 2016:

Student Spotlight showcases students at The Hunter School of Music that have shown exceptional improvement, motivation, or creativity. In March John received a place on the wall as our Student Spotlight.


San Jose Metropolitan Band Instrument Demo, 3/7/16:

The Hunter School of Music collaborated with the San Jose Metropolitan Band to put together a really special evening for all the students and families at the school. Members of the band and representatives from Music Village shared their instruments with the students allowing them to hold the instruments and even trying playing them! The kids (and parents!) were so curious and had such a fantastic time getting a chance to experience the instruments up close. Afterwards we were able to stay and listen to the band rehearse music from West Side Story! It was such a special evening for everyone involved proving once again that music is incredibly special and so enjoyable and fun!  Thank you to everyone in the San Jose Metropolitan Band and Music Village for helping to put together this special event for us.

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Fall Recitals! 11/7/15 and 11/15/15:

Everyone has been working hard on preparing pieces for the fall recitals! This is one of our favorite times of the year as our instructors get to sit back and enjoy hearing all the students perform. We are so proud of how far everyone has come since out last formal recital in the spring and also for the students who performed for the first time! Congratulations to all the students and to the parents for their continued support.

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Certification Week, 11/2-7/15:

This year The Hunter School of Music initiated their own in house certification process for the students. Certification is a way to place each student at their playing level based on 4 categories; Technique, Sight Reading, Repertoire, and Theory. Knowing your playing level helps encourage students and instructors to reach new heights each year. It is inspirational, it builds strength in your playing, confidence, and keeps you on track for becoming a well rounded musician. We also offer certification in improvisation and composition for students that are studying those specialties as well. If a student is interested in taking part in the Certificate of Merit (CM) in the spring which is a recognized state-wide certification administered by Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC) then our in house certification help get them prepared for that exam as well. Congratulations to all the students that participated in our first certification!


Halloween Piano Class, 10/31/15:

Halloween is such a fun time of the year we decided why not have a special Halloween piano class? Adults and children met to perform spooky pieces, show off their costumes (and an iTunes gift card prize for best dressed), and enjoy some delicious treats after the class. We also learned how to manipulate sound using Logic Pro and created some great Halloween inspired loops!

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Field Trip to the Beethoven Center, 10/24/15:

On October 24th, 2015 we met up at the Beethoven Center on the 5th floor of the Dr. Martin Luther Ling Jr. Library for an excellent and informative tour.  Not only did we learn lots of exciting facts about Beethoven, see his famous lock of hair that possibly helped explain how he died, and see original manuscripts, we also got to play on a harpsichord, clavichord, and fortepiano! Check out pictures from this fantastic field trip.

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Concert in the Park, 8/2/15:

On Sunday, August 2, 2015 on a perfect summer afternoon we went to see a free concert in the park at San Jose State University by the Symphony Silicon Valley. They were performing Hollywood music and had free ice cream too!

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