Policy and Tuition

Attendance, Practice and Responsibility:

  • Please be on time to your lesson. Lessons are scheduled back-to-back therefore we are unable to go over your allotted time slot.
  • We all know that practice is essential to learning anything.  It is recommended that you set aside time every day to practice.  Length of practice depends on the student’s age and length of lesson.  Details will be discussed in your lesson.
  • It is mandatory for you/your child to have an instrument available for practice.  If you are learning piano, you must have an 88 key, weight sensitive keyboard or an acoustic piano at your home. If you are learning the guitar, ukulele or mandolin you must have your own instrument. We are more than happy to help you choose what type of keyboard/piano or string instrument is right for you based on your available space and budget.
  • You are responsible for remembering to bring your books to your lesson each week. We will decide what books are best suited for you in your first few lessons.  Most books can easily be ordered off of Amazon.com or purchased at Music Village.


  • Performing in recitals is one of the greatest experiences for musicians whether you are a beginner or an advanced pianist.  We highly encourage all students to perform in at least two recitals a year (December and May).  It gives you the opportunity to share with others what you have been working so hard on and the ability to see others perform as well.  It’s a wonderful time to all come together and enjoy each others music! The recitals are also always followed by a delicious reception.

School Closures:

  • Saturday-Monday, Labor Day Weekend
  • The entire week of Thanksgiving
  • Two weeks for Winter Break/New Year
  • Presidents’ Day Week
  • Saturday-Monday, Memorial Day Weekend
  • The week of the fourth of July

School Calendar:

You may begin classes at any time throughout the year! We teach lessons all year around.


Payments for lessons are made monthly, by the 10th of every month.  After the 10th there is a $20.00 late fee applied to all payments. If you would like to pay for an entire semester in advance that can be arranged as well.

Withdrawal Policy:

Lessons are continuous, year around. It is required to provide 30 days notice to terminate lessons anytime throughout the year and you are responsible for paying for the remaining lessons during the 30 days notice.

All new students will receive a detailed copy of our HSM Policy and Agreement Form at their trial lesson. When you sign up to enroll in lessons we require a signed copy of the agreement for our records. 

Please call or text 408-320-6484 for current tuition rates

1040 Park Ave. Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95126

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